D6 - 200 Plastic

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Adding to Prodigy's flagship series of distance drivers, the all new D6 is a very fast, understable driver. It is designed for all players and flies extremely far. The D6 will flip up when thrown hard, turn towards the right (for right handed throwers) and then go into an extremely long glide, with a gentle draw finish to the left. The D6 is also a great disc for long controlled rollers.
  • The 200 Series is so versatile. It's great for entry level players looking to get into the game, as well as advanced & professional players who love to fine tune their discs by working them in just the way they like. The feel of this plastic brings a new dimension to Prodigy's line-up. Similar to their 300 Series plastic, but with less grip - the 200 Series plastic stands on its own..