DGA Mach Shift Practice Basket (price includes shipping)



This the NEW practice basket from DGA and the Hawk's Nest top choice for practice baskets! This basket is lightweight and answers the question, "Which basket should we pick?" with the answer, "Why not all of them in one basket?"

With just one basket, you get:

  • Standard Shift Position: Standard catching area with two rows of chain.
  • Advanced Shift Position: All chains hang from the center 12″ inner chain holder and the outer chain holder is removed.
  • Pro Shift Position: For an added challenge the outer chain holder is removed like the Advanced Position and the chain assembly lowers using the telescoping pole with quick release lock to adjust the position.
  • And it's incredibly quick and easy to switch positions!

Some highlights of the Mach Shift are:

  • 3-in-1 portable practice basket
  • Features 3 different catching zones
  • Telescoping pole
  • Sleek inner band design
  • Quality DGA craftsmanship

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